Annually/Quarterly Computer Maintenance Contract

Computer is a necessity for business and professional service providers, book keeping, instant mailing, instant messaging, online bank statements, online return filling, online research, there are so many services available through computer and internet, without which, a business may find difficult to conduct its regular activities. Our company is engaged in undertaking Computer Annual Maintenance Contracts.

Our services are offered round the clock to solve any kind of problems related with the computers. Our computer maintenance services are not only repairing or replacing faulty hardware, but we offer a quality service in maintaining your computer system. Availing our services, there is no requirement to invest in house facilities maintain the office infrastructure. Hence, huge amount of capital can be saved. The salient features of our Non- Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract are listed below

Standard Premium Platinum
On-Site Support - 12 months YES YES YES
Unlimited Remote Support YES YES YES
Software Support YES YES YES
Printer & Networking Support NO YES YES
Antivirus/Virus Removal OPTIONAL YES YES
Free Visits Per Year 6 12 24
Discount on Spares YES YES YES

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract of Computer & Peripherals, Networking & CCTV)
1. Customer will hand over the system in perfect working conditions to TCS who in turn will hand over the system in perfect working conditions to customers at the time of termination of contracts. AMC will cover only electronic parts of Computer Device not any Plastic or metal parts.
2. Initially AMC will be under taken for the machine in Ok condition. If any repair required before commencement of AMC, it shall be done at customers cost i.e. ONE TIME REPAIR. Above AMC contract is valid for hardware only, if software support is required apart from operating system, extra charge will be added.
3. If any major crashed in computer system due to virus attack will not covered under AMC Repair and damage cost will be paid by customer.

Contact us for the Quotation, and feel free to discuss any doubts. Hoping to work with you in the time to come. Thanking you and assuring you our best support & services all the times.